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carpet cleaning adelaide service guaranteedIf its expert carpet cleaning service you need look no further! At Best Carpet Cleaning Adelaide we offer professional solutions for home and business owners alike. Carpets require regular maintenance in order to be kept clean and extend life. Let our skilled cleaners do the job for you at a price so low you wouldn’t believe it.

We offer services such as stain removal, restoration and intensive cleaning. We guarantee first time around satisfaction to all of our customers in Adelaide and the surrounding areas.

Why Let Professionals Clean Your Carpet?

Our professionals use very powerful vacuum cleaners that are capable of removing much more than regular vacuum cleaners that you most likely have at home. According to the International Institute for Cleaning & Restoration Certification, carpets should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year.

As much as we try to keep our homes clean and dust free, it is impossible to avoid it altogether. Dirt is capable of setting into your carpet fibers and eventually destroy them. This can significantly decrease your carpet’s lifespan. Allergens, bacteria and other nasty things float around in the air and settle into your carpets as well, increasing the risk of health issues. We do everything we can to remove any unwanted particles from the depths of your carpet and restore it to its primary condition. We additionally give our clients insight on how to go about caring for their carpets on a daily basis.

Hotline: (08) 8312 2633

What Carpet Cleaning Adelaide Can Do For You

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide can do wonders for your home or workplace.

  • rug cleaning adelaideWe conduct annual cleanings
  • We take care of old and new stains of every size and source
  • We identify stains and their source and search for the best way to remove them
  • Our trained cleaners have broad knowledge about wool carpets
  • Our prices are some of the best on the market
  • We deal with carpets destroyed by flood water, etc.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

1. The first thing our cleaning team does is identify any stain. By detecting the source of the stain it is much easier to choose a cleaning agent that will help get rid of it. We always tell our clients beforehand how much the service will cost, so there are no unpleasant surprises afterwards.
2. The second step is vacuuming the carpet to get rid of any debris.
3. We then apply one of our three solutions. Your carpets will not take long to dry, thanks to our technologically advanced devices.
4. We cover your other furniture with special protection, so that it not affected by the chemicals that have been used. We guarantee a fresh, super clean carpet – and your satisfaction.


  • Professional, certified cleaners
  • Effective, up-to-date machinery and devices
  • Extensive knowledge about carpet cleaning solutions, and also the ability to choose the one best suited for a particular client
  • Quick drying
  • Friendly, experienced staff
  • Valid license
  • Insurance
  • A solid guarantee

Hotline: (08) 8312 2633


  • Professional rug cleaning
  • Old and new stain removal for rugs and carpets
  • Wool care services
  • Helpful staff
  • Dedicated approach to Adelaide
  • Trainings for other carpet cleaners
  • 24/7 services for cleaning your flood damaged carpets emergencies as well as other serious water problems

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

At Best Carpet Cleaners Adelaide we take on any type and size of stain at your home, business, etc. Call us to get professional support today.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

It is important for your home to be kept clean and sanitary. We treat every problem seriously, even minor stains.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting is present in a whole variety of businesses. We know how vital it is to your business image for your carpet to be kept clean and stain free.

Don’t let a grubby looking carpet scare off your clients. Get set up for regular cleanings and never worry again.

About Our Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Contact us today if you have a stubborn stain you can’t remove on your own, or if you need rug or carpet cleaning. We are always happy to help. Although it would be too much to say we can remove every single stain, we always do our best and take every possible measure to get rid of them. We respond automatically so you never have to wait around for us to show up.

Don’t wait any longer, give Best Carpet Cleaning Adelaide a ring!

Hotline: (08) 8312 2633

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