Recovery and Cleaning of Water-Damaged or Flooded Carpet

flooded carpet cleaning service adelaideWe can imagine the terrible scene — you enter your home or business to discover water spraying from somewhere.  You see your water-damaged property and flooded carpet, the wet furniture, and what’s worse… the smell.

The situation is a carpet damage emergency.  It might be from a burst pipe, a plugged toilet, or seepage from outside.  In any case, it is a frightening matter and one that our specialists can fix with our new cleaning methods for flooded carpet cleaning.

Water damage or any flood emergency that risks your carpeting or furniture is not uncommon and we are ready to assist by removing water, cleaning, and restoring your carpets.  Our team provides a broad selection of carpet cleaning services in Adelaide, everything from carpet stain removal to full carpet restoration services.   And all of our services have prices that can’t be beaten!

If flooding or water damage strikes and carpet cleaning becomes urgent, rest assured our professionals will handle it for you! Phone the Best Carpet Cleaning experts, anytime around the clock, 7 days a week, we’re here to do your flood damage cleaning.

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Included In Our Flooded Carpet Cleaning Services Are:

flooded carpet restoration adelaideThe exact technique used for handling your water-damaged rugs and flooded carpet is based on the cause of the flooding.  Our experts use industrial performance equipment, methods, and cleaning products to help recover and rejuvenate your carpets.  Call our experienced flooded cleaning service at the first sight of trouble, and our experts will carefully remove and clean your water-damaged carpet.   Did you know that a flooded carpet, if not properly treated, can later on become moldy? We can help.

When your carpets have been damaged by sewage-tainted floodwater or a broken pipe,  you have a choice of either removing and disposing the flooded carpet, or hiring a professional flood clean-up company like Best Carpet Cleaning Adelaide.  If you’re not sure about the source of the flood water then we’d recommend you assume it is restore flooded carpet adelaidecontaminated.

  • Water removal and the cleaning of wet or flooded carpet
  • Repairing or stretching of wet carpets
  • Use of carpet and fabric protectors
  • Disinfecting and deodorizing flooded or water-damaged carpet for mould prevention

Flood damage or standing water that affects your carpeting or furniture is not uncommon.  That’s why we’re here — to provide cleaning or repair / restoration of your carpets.  We always suggest that only professionals should clean carpets after flooding.   We will happily provide you with tips on how to clean a wet carpet, but recommend our experts to professionally clean & dry then protect and disinfect your carpets.  You don’t need a lingering smell to develop in your home!  Our carpet flooding emergency crew is skilled in all kinds of business and residential flooded carpet cleaning or repair.  To get help, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call our courteous staff.

We’ll dispatch a clean-up crew to your location quickly.  In the meantime, we recommend you take the following actions:

1. Identify the source of the water

Provided it can be done safely, shut off your nearest water valve, or find a way to block off incoming water from the outside, with the help of a barrier.  Understanding the source of the water will help us select the correct treatment method.  Water from septic tanks or toilets requires special handling to avoid the spread of bacteria or disease.

2. Identify and remove electrical risks

Electricity and water should never mix.  Use great caution if coming into contact with pools of water.   Don’t enter the area unless you can do it safely.  When possible, disconnect and lines or cords, and turn off all electrical appliances.  Did you know that modern battery-powered items — especially tools with power packs — can be dangerous when wet, and create shock hazard?  Be careful!

3. Remove smaller pieces of furniture

If you have easy-to-move furniture (small or wheeled), take these somewhere to dry.  In the case of contaminated water, first ensure to clean and disinfect it as it’s removed.  Damage from trapped moisture under furniture legs may not completely dry and later cause mould and odour problems, as well as degrade the carpet or sub-floor.

4. Remove small articles:

Water will affect more than your carpeting, so be sure you also remove anything else you can from the water.   Use special care around fragile or valuable items, or items that could become stained or leak outward (chemical containers not tightly sealed might leak and cause other problems).  Example:  Oils or some dyes could escape, additionally staining the carpet, walls, etc.

Hotline: (08) 8312 2633

carpet cleaning gearsRemember to:

  • Always use gloves to prevent exposure to chemicals
  • Wear a suitable mask to protect against breathing toxic vapours
  • Never go barefoot, always use boots or closed shoes
  • After exposure to the scene, always wash yourself and clothes
  • Sanitize all objects removed from the water
  • Take out drawers and remove doors or furniture panels to allow complete drying
  • Remember that water damage may cause wood to warp or swell, and you must be patient in allowing it to fully dry. Sometimes doors or drawers will stick, so don’t force them.

5. Our Expert Flood Damage Cleaning

Our expert flooded cleaning team will arrive fast and start assessing all damaged areas and get begin the recovery. We’ll remove the standing water, inspect for hidden water, and start the process of drying every square inch of your carpets.  Then we’ll clean both the carpets and upholstery, treating them to protect against the formation of mould.  Remember, odours can appear later on of the job is not done right first the first time!

Tips On How To Clean A Soaked Carpet By Yourself

When it’s not possible to get a professional on the scene, you can try and do it yourself.  This is possible in some cases, if the proper tools are used.

  • First use a vacuum rated for WET removal – this is the most important tool
  • Start running a fan or dehumidifier – these can be purchased or rented
  • Try not to raise the carpeting — this might cause shrinkage later

If it’s an emergency, phone us right away and we’ll get moving on halting the damage and beginning the restoration. No job is too difficult, and whether it ends up being a big job or a small one, our range of carpet cleaning services in Adelaide is wide and our prices can’t be beat!

Call us now to schedule a flooded carpet cleaning appointment.

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