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rug cleaning adelaideYou know the story. Kids stepping in their muddy shoes on your floor rugs, and pets spreading grime and fur all over them. It’s not a pretty picture. Rug cleaning can be a time consuming process that does not always provide satisfactory results.

Best Carpet Cleaners Adelaide offers top quality rug and carpet cleaning services at the lowest prices. Whether for your home or business purposes, we will take on any stain or dirt and leave your rug looking like new. In addition to our rug services, we also have a wide array of other expert cleaning solutions for carpets, cushioning, curtains, etc.

With our can do approach and reliable team of experts we have become one of the top rug cleaning services in the area. Call us today to find out more.

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Why Use A Professional Rug Cleaner?

rug cleaning service adelaideRug cleaning is best left to professionals, as they require special treatment. Depending on the type of material and fibres, they will need a certain type of cleaning agent to properly remove dirt and stains, at the same time not destroying their structure. Trying to rub them too hard can ultimately lead to permanent damage. That is why it is best to rely on Best Carpet Cleaners Adelaide to do a professional job. We have all the necessary knowledge and tools to safely remove stains from your area rug. We will leave your rugs looking brand new.

Before even starting the cleaning process, we carefully inspect the structure and type of your rug. This makes it easier to choose the appropriate cleaning method, as no two rugs are the same. Forget about sitting for hours vigorously scrubbing away at a stain that may or may not come out. It’s time for professionals to take over and bring your rugs back to life.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Rugs have been present in homes for ages. As they are easily movable, they are much more practical than whole floor carpeting.

  • Before the cleaning process starts, one of our experts will take a look at your rug and analyse the type of stain it may have as well as its overall condition. We then use powerful vacuum cleaners in order to get rid of excess fibres, dead skin, fur, dust, etc. It’s hard to imagine just how much dirt is in between the fibres that you can’t see.
  • carpet cleaning adelaide service guaranteedAfter vacuuming we will also beat the rug in a traditional method to make sure that ay missed particles and driven out. Next, we vacuum once more to remove all of excess soil and dirt.
  • After removing the dirt with the vacuum, we treat stains and precondition your rug to dissolve dirt.
  • Afterwards, our cleaners select the best cleaning solution for your type of rug. We clean, rinse and repeat the process if necessary.
  • After making sure that your rug has been properly cleaned we dry it. It is required for it to be completely dry before we take the last step of the cleaning process, which is vacuuming and applying fabric solution for maximum protection. This will prevent stains from occurring and make sure your rug looks newer for a longer period of time.

About Our Rug Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Remember that cleaning your rugs is not only important to keep your home or business looking new and inviting. Avoiding the accumulation of dirt and allergens as well as stain removal can help prevent health issues.

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