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upholstery cleaning adelaideIf you have cushioned furniture in your home, you know how difficult it is to avoid staining it. If your upholstery is light-coloured you will even more so need professional help when it comes to upholstery cleaning. Stains can tend to be very visible and embarrassing for both home and business owners, so contact us today at Best Carpet Cleaning Adelaide and have one of our skilled experts solve your problem for you.

We have all of the necessary knowledge, training and machines to get rid of any kind of stain as well as clean all types of fabric. Apart from home services, we also extend our offer to business clients. We care about your company’s image that is why we are here to help you get rid of any problems.

We take care of every kind of fabric cushioning as well as leather furniture. We will restore your upholstery and leave it looking amazing.

lounge upholstery cleaning adelaide At Best Carpet Cleaning Adelaide our goal is to get the job done right the first time around. That is why over the years we have gained numerous clients from around Adelaide and the nearby surrounding areas.

Our clients dote on us and we are always pleased to be able to help out in even the most difficult situations. Contact us today if you feel your upholstery may be in need of a check-up and a cleaning. No problem is too trivial for us. We will listen to your problem and send someone to take care of it as soon as possible. One of our experts will walk you through the steps and explain the whole upholstery cleaning process. Next we will prepare a quote and get to work restoring your furniture.

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Why Us For Your Upholstery Cleaning? 

  • We are constantly on a mission to up our skills and qualifications. Our professionals are fully certified, experienced and responsible individuals with a wide knowledge of how to clean furniture.
  • Our team is trained in dealing with a variety of materials and fabrics, so that your furniture is always safe from damage.
  • We apply the newest solutions and cleaning techniques as well as using the finest machinery.
  • We additionally can apply special protectors that keep your cushioning safe from stains. This means that that your upholstery more immune to everyday spills and stains.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Our team is licensed and insured. We have all of the necessary certifications and regularly update our employee’s knowledge on the newest technologies. We are up to date.

How Our Upholstery Cleaning Process Works

1. As we do with all of our other services, our technicians first analyze your upholstery and decide what product they should use to get the best results possible. We always conduct tests to make sure that our products and stain removers will not damage your furniture.

2. Prior to using any cleaning agents, we always remove dust, dirt, hair, etc. by using high-powered vacuum cleaners. This makes it easier to work on the actual cleaning.

3. We do the cleaning process by hand. Our professionals wash your cushioning with special products and the finest of care. Afterwards, with the help of powerful devices they wash out the excess cleaners as well as water. This helps get rid of excess moisture.

4. If needed, we will use protectors to keep your furniture stain proof. This can help avoid everyday stains.

5. The end result is always stunning as we strive to make your furniture look new once again, regardless of how old it may be. Our clients are always satisfied, which is why they keep coming back to use our services

Hotline: (08) 8312 2633

Why Hire A Professional Upholstery Cleaner?

carpet cleaning adelaide loungeHiring a professional for upholstery cleaning can seem like an unnecessary, costly procedure that you could very well do on your own. As it turns out, doing it yourself is not as easy as it may appear. Even if you possess expensive cleaning devices that are available to retail clients, there is little chance that you will be able to completely remove all of those nasty stains. You may end up leaving moisture in your upholstery, which can lead to bacteria multiplying, as well as mold growth. This is an annoying, problem, that potentially can lead to health issues as well as permanent damage to your furniture.

Trust our fully qualified team to do a great job. Our prices are the lowest in the area and our clients are always left satisfied. Look into our low priced services today and discover for yourself all of the benefits of professional upholstery cleaning.

Our Upholstery Cleaners Experience

Proper cleaning and upholstery care requires significant knowledge of how different cleaning products work and react with different fabric types. If not chosen correctly, they can permanently damage your furniture, causing staining, browning as well as mechanical fabric damage.

carpet cleaning adelaide service guaranteedAt Best Carpet Cleaning Adelaide we know:

  • What are the right products to use on a certain type of material, as well as which ones are harmful and should be avoided
  • Ways to test furniture reactions to certain cleaners ( we conduct tests on small areas to make sure our cleaning products aren’t harmful to your furniture)
  • How to properly use all of our machines and technology to ensure top quality cleaning
  • How to effectively scrub your upholstery clean, avoiding mechanical damage
  • Remove all kinds of stains, new and old
  • How to extract cleaning products after cleaning, as well as removing moisture

Relying on a professional team of furniture cleaners to get your home or business looking clean and fresh again no longer has to be a luxury. We know how hard cleaning cushions and trying to remove stains can be to most people. We are glad to help you out and we place customer satisfaction before all else. Honest and straightforwardness are among our main values. We always provide our clients with a quote before we start the upholstery cleaning process.

It is not easy trying to keep your furniture clean and it is impossible to completely avoid dust, allergens, hair and stains from getting in and onto your upholstery. Professional help is just a phone call away.

It is important to remember that whether you own a business, or simply wish to have your home looking sharp and tidy, regular cleanings for your furniture are a must. You can schedule annual cleanings, or simply call us up when you find you are in need of our services. Protect yourself, your family or your clients and employees from the health issues that come with neglected furniture.

Hotline: (08) 8312 2633

About Upholstery Cleaning

  • As mentioned before we train our members to properly treat all kinds of fabric, as different types can react very differently to various cleaning products and stain removers. Where one cleaning product can clean a certain fabric, it can also completely destroy another. Our team members are trained in this area to make sure that they know how to treat your upholstery.
  • Depending on the shape and built of your furniture, the upholstery cleaning process can be difficult and time consuming
  • professional upholstery cleaning adelaideStains can be tricky if you do not have the right knowledge. Our specialists know how to analyze a stain, identify its source and choose the right cleaner to remove it.
  • Always remember to do a test on a less visible spot of your upholstery. This can help avoid visible stains, colour loss, etc.
  • keep in mind that that cleaning a single spot on your upholstery cares the risk of that spot becoming more faded than the rest
  • Vigorous scrubbing can wear down your fabric and destroy it
  • If water is not properly extracted after the cleaning process, it can cause grime and dust to settle in, staining your freshly washed upholstery
  • If you do not have proper training and try cleaning your furniture yourself, you can end up with ugly watermarks on your cushioning. This can be a direct consequence of both cleaning agent and water left on after cleaning. Without professional machines, it is extremely difficult to completely extract moisture. Left to sit in your cushions, the excess water can lead to mould growing and bacteria multiplying and spreading diseases.

Residential Upholstery Cleaning

Of course you want your home to look fresh and new for as long as possible. After investing a sizeable amount of money in furniture it should be a key priority for any homeowner to make sure that it is properly cared for. Let us help you to restore your upholstery, so that it can serve you for years to come.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

commercial upholstery cleaning adelaideIf you own a business, you know that clients and employees constantly passing through can lead to your upholstery getting dirty, worn and altogether damaged. At Best Carpet Cleaning Adelaide we know how time consuming and frustrating trying to clean them yourself can be. So don’t waste any more time and don’t worry anymore! Just count on us to restore any piece of office furniture at a low cost. Call us today! We have years of experience in delivering services to offices and other business clients. We will send down of team of experts who will take on your problems in the blink of an eye.

About Our Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Our team at Best Carpet Cleaners Adelaide works all throughout the area. We are always available for you to call us and will get to your home or business as soon as possible. We take on furniture cleaning as well as getting rid of mites and bed bugs. Find out how we can help you solve your problem.

Call us to schedule an upholstery cleaning appointment.

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